We make cozy, everyday, sustainable basics from bamboo viscose.

At Boody, our journey began with the yearning to design a superior essential. A softer feel. A comfier fit. With an Earth-friendly fabric. This led us to discover the benefits of bamboo viscose. It’s light on the skin, highly breathable, and most importantly – sustainable. It was love at first touch. Our beautiful lines of timeless, everyday essentials are designed to provide high-quality comfort with styles that naturally fit who you are. From women’s and men’s essentials to active, baby, and loungewear – Boody has your entire wardrobe of basics covered. Comfort + sustainability? That’s what we’re proudly committed to.


We believe in a better world.

We’re forever looking for ways we can improve our sustainable practices through every touchpoint. From materials and manufacturing to packaging and our office, our values are embedded into our culture. We believe in refining rather than reinventing the designs of our clothing, creating timeless, versatile looks to be worn again and again. Everything we make is certified cruelty-free and comes from ethical supply chains, so you can be confident in your choices. We’ve been ahead of the curve from the start and will continue to be. Our mission is to keep striving to do better and be better.

Bamboo benefits:

– Fast growing and self-regenerating

– Organically grown

– Improved air quality and less water (vs. non-organic cotton)

– Less waste via a closed-loop system

Other sustainable benefits:

– Plastic-free packaging

– Smaller carbon footprint

– Timeless designs

– Giving back to our community